Well, here goes my writing blog…

First thing’s first. Introductions.

I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you, writing world.

I guess the best way to introduce myself is to explain my blog title. Sure I thought of quirky, play-on-words types of names like “Typing With My Toes,” but that was already taken by Karen. Or “Jest Kept Secret,” but that was taken by Jess…well, and it’s a play on words having to do with her name and not mine…but whatever. So onto my title.

Wife. I have been married  to the most wonderful, loving, supportive husband for almost 5 years. I wouldn’t be half of what I am today without him, so the title of “Wife” I will gladly place first.

Mother. Yep. I have two darling children. I adore them. I like to think they adore me. It’s a beautiful relationship. (Side note: I have been interrupted twice three times during this post for potty breaks, more juice, and comforting after a bonk on the head. And it is AFTER bedtime.)

Chef. I love cooking. And I’m good at it. Good enough, in fact, that I am currently employed as a sous chef. It’s helping to feed my writing habit and pay the bills. And while I’m eagerly anticipating the day I get to quit my day job and return home to be with my kids full-time (well, and write full-time, too), that’s where I’m at.

Writer. Well, trying to be at least. I graduated from Brigham Young University last April with my BA in English. And while taking some classes to fulfill part of my English requirement, I stumbled into a creative writing class taught by Carol Lynch Williams and fell in love. I proceeded to take a few more classes from Brandon Sanderson and even kept up with the BEST critique group a girl could ask for.

So There is that. Welcome to my writing journey.

So that’s me. A few more things about this blog, just to give you a heads-up. I start WAY too many sentences with “So.” I also use an abundance of ellipses. You know… “…”. Those. I also make no promises to update regularly, but I do vow to make just about every post something of use. Whether it’s something I’m currently hashing through with my WIP, epiphanies, or simply something taken from old creative writing class notes, I hope to help and inspire the writing world that happens to be tuning in.

Also, giveaways. I love me a good giveaway. I will probably be announcing one soon-ish just to grab some followers right off the bat. But that is for another post, another day.

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3 Responses to Well, here goes my writing blog…

  1. YAY! Hi, Sarah! 🙂 I’m excited you joined the blogging world. And I don’t think you’ll have any trouble grabbing followers. Your writing is so fun to read.

  2. Jess Byam says:

    Ooo, I’m excited to read your new blog! I totally agree with Karen–you should have no problems getting followers.

    [And hey! Thanks for the link, pal! :)]

  3. LCD says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, as it is sometimes called. 😛 I’m already subscring to the RSS feed for your blog, for it has made me smile. And I like blogs that make me smile. ^_^

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