“Little Victories…”

So I have a friend (who I couldn’t find on facebook just now…where did you go, Liz?) who has a little writing blog like myself. (Yes, I know I seem to have a few of those writerly friends with blogs that I shamelessly promote. Moving on.) So she will occasionally do posts called “little victories,” and I have a little victory of my own I feel the need to share. Because it’s also insane. Like the type of “insane” only other writers will understand.

You see, I have a scene in my WIP that I have been avoiding for over a year.

(So just leave it out, dummy.)

(Well, I can’t. It’s pretty much the climax of the story.)

And I just wrote it. Sure, it’s a crappy draft. Well, hardly a draft. It’s more like word vomit that makes up the skeleton of a draft. But it’s there. All 1802 words of it.

And the insane part? I started it at 2:30 this morning. It is now 5:45. I haven’t gone to sleep yet.


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