Does everybody know what time it is? #Pitcharama time!!!! I’m so excited to have a completed manuscript to submit to the lovely ladies at Aussie Owned and Read. They’ve been a delight to follow on the Twitter. So, here goes!


Manuscript Title: Jade

Author: Sarah Kay Steele

Age group: YA, baby!

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Word count: 72,000

250 word blurb:

Seventeen-year-old Em Perkins never wanted much more from her annual summer vacation than two parent-free weeks with her aunt and uncle, and a decent tan. But an unexpected summer fling with a mysterious boy changes her life– and her world– forever.

When Em first meets Finn Leith at the lake, it is by pure random happenstance. Still, the meeting proves a lucky one. Not only do they share a musical bond, a passion for running, and a love for the water, but Finn provides Em with a wonderful distraction when her ex-boyfriend shows up at his new girlfriend’s cottage next door.

Life starts to get more complicated when Em discovers a bag of fourteen enchanted jade stones. The stones end up putting her life in jeopardy and begin to unravel the mystery surrounding Finn and his family– starting with the fact that they are not his family. They are sentinels that traveled with him from a realm called Aldion, and they were sent to protect him because he is the rightful heir to the priesthood of Aldion. Finn also reveals he has a gift of healing that he has been learning to use for the majority of his life.

While Em is enthralled with her summer fling, she feels a need to help Finn find a way back to Aldion to salvage what is left of his home. And while Finn knows his priorities should lie with his world and his charges as a Priest, he also knows his loyalties and heart belong to Em.

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5 Responses to #Pitcharama!!!

  1. Ann says:

    This was both cute (the desire for a tan), ironic (the ex-boyfriend’s new fling lives next door!), and magical/mysterious. I like the premise and wish you good luck with this.

  2. This sounds really fun. I love a good summer read and you can’t go wrong with a hot boy from another universe named Finn! Hope you make it to the next round!

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  4. loonytuney says:

    Hey there, Sarah! Just saw you around Twitter earlier 🙂 congrats on catching my eye. Anyway, I’m just wondering if I could grab your email address in preparation for the editor round? Mine is emily.mead3@live.com.au

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