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“Working Title”

Hello, my poor neglected blog. I’m so sorry that I use and abuse you the way I do. I post to you only when I need something these days, then forget about you as soon as you’ve served your purpose. … Continue reading

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Does everybody know what time it is? #Pitcharama time!!!! I’m so excited to have a completed manuscript to submit to the lovely ladies at Aussie Owned and Read. They’ve been a delight to follow on the Twitter. So, here goes! … Continue reading

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“Jade” Cloud…

So you know my blogger friend, Karen, right? She just did this really fun post using Wordle on her novel. I’ve used Wordle before (with family names and such), but I never thought to do this. Fun, no?Karen had a … Continue reading

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The Importance of Research…

So a while back, I was having some serious blocking issues with a few scenes of my WIP. You see, my characters spend a good ammount of time on a boat. I myself never having been on a boat, was … Continue reading

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Just when I thought it was getting good…

I love my critique group here in Seattle. They are a really great group of really talented gals. And I was SO EXCITED for them to read my submission this last week because it is one of the big reveals … Continue reading

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“Little Victories…”

So I have a friend (who I couldn’t find on facebook just now…where did you go, Liz?) who has a little writing blog like myself. (Yes, I know I seem to have a few of those writerly friends with blogs … Continue reading

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A Book is a Journey…

No, I have not posted in quite some time. And no, I’m not going to make any excuses for it. Though I have plenty. I just got out of the shower. Literally. My hair is still up in a towel. … Continue reading

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